Anastasia De Vine

Anastasia De Vine

Hands on Hardcore presents: Hey, What's up, you horny guys? I'm Anastasia, a hot, and sexy blonde from Czech. Republic. I've got big tits, a nice shaved puss, and a tight round ass that just loves to be fucked. There's been these two guys in my apartment building that have really been trying to get at me. Even though I've wanted to fuck them both, I've been trying my best to shine them both on, never the less a few days ago I broke down. I woke up this particular morning horny as hell, my pussy was hot, wet, and juicy. I ran into Charlie on my way to work and invited him over later for a drink. I could barley get through the day, all I could think about was Charlie fucking me. After a long day at work, I stopped to check my mail when Rudy walked in. He asked me if I had any plans for later, I told him that I would be at home all night and that he could stop by if he wanted. I know what you're thinking, and it's true I am a naughty girl. About a hours later Charlie came over, he had just been there a few minutes when there was a knock at the door, I asked Charlie to get it. The look on those guy's faces was priceless. I explained to situation as simply as I could, It's either all or nothing guy's…………… I just know that they would comply. They came right over and began kissing me, touching and squeezing my tit's. Charlie started licking my tit's all over, and sucking on my rising nipples. I bent down and pulled out there cocks and started sucking them off one by one, before opening up wide and stuffing both there big hardening cocks in my mouth, slurping and slobbering all over them. I laid down on my side, slid Charlie's cock in my mouth and started sucking away. Rudy made his way between my soft warm creamy thighs and began giving my twat a good old fashion licking, tonguing my cunt up and down and all around. Rudy removed his tongue from my clit and slid his big hard dick right in, he started sliding his cock in and out of my puss hard and fast as I continued sucking and slurping all over Charlie's hard thick cock. I pulled his slick cock from my mouth and started tonguing his balls, flicking my tongue across them one by one as Rudy kept pounding away at my little twat harder and harder. Rudy slid his thick cock from my tight horny cunt and Charlie jumped in picking up right where Rudy left off, ramming his cock in and out of my puss, hard, fast, and strong. Rudy came around and stuck his cock in my mouth, it was covered with a froth from my sweet little twat and tasted so good. I sucked and slurped all over his pussy- marinated cock leaving behind a nice slobbery coat. Charlie pulled his throbbing cock from my horny wet twat and I slowly slid Rudy's hard slick cock from my mouth, I got on all fours with my tight round ass pointed high in the sky, Rudy mounted up from the rear and stuffed his cock back in my wet pink hole. I grabbed Charlie's hard cock and slid it in my warm wet mouth, I started sucking it as hard as I could, licking and sucking from his head down to his balls as Rudy kept pounding away at my puss from the rear. I slowly pulled Charlie's slick slobbery cock from my mouth and began licking his swelling balls one by one. Rudy slid his thick cock from my tight wet puss and Charlie laid down on the sofa, I quickly got on top with facing him and he stuffed his cock in my cunt. He started fucking my pussy just the way I like, driving his cock in and out with long hard strokes. Rudy came over and I stuck his cock back in my mouth, slobbering it up from top to bottom. Charlie started fingering my ass while still fucking my wet puss, I was getting even more excited just thinking about what would come next. Just as I thought Charlie slid his thick cock from my little wet twat and slowly stuffed it in my tight round ass. He started fucking my ass like it had never been fucked before, I grabbed Rudy's cock and held it tightly in my hand, I started jerking his cock up and down, hard and fast. Charlie kept ramming his cock deeper into my ass before he slowly pulled out leaving my ass gaped wide open. I spun around and Charlie shoved his big hard cock back up in my ass and started fucking me even harder than before, I began licking Rudy's balls as I stroked him up and down before slipping his cock back in my mouth. Charlie slowly pulled his cock out of my ass and I got up on all fours, he came around and started fucking my ass from behind, digging his cock up in my ass deeper with every stroke. I wrapped my lips back around Rudy's long meaty cock, slobbering all over it as nasty as I could. Charlie pulled his hard thick cock out of my ass once again leaving my ass gaped wide open, then he shoved his cock back up in my ass and started fucking me much harder than before. With my lips still wrapped tightly around Rudy's thick throbbing cock I continued sucking away like a baby on a bottle. Charlie pulled his big cock out of my ass and Rudy laid down on the sofa. I jumped on top facing him and he slid his thick cock in my hot wet puss, he started fucking me like he was the Energizer bunny, sliding his cock in and out of my cunt as fast as he could. I slid Charlie's long hard cock across my slippery tongue deep into my warm wet mouth, I began slurping and slobbering all over his cock as Rudy kept pounding my pussy hard and strong. I slid Charlie's slobbery cock from my mouth, he went around and shoved it right in my ass. With him fucking my ass and Rudy still having his was with puss, all I could do is hold on and enjoy the ride. Rudy started licking my nipples, squeezing and shaking my tits as they both slid their cocks in and out of my cunt and ass hard and strong. They pulled their cocks out of my holes just long enough for me to spin around, then Rudy slid his cock back up in my hot wet puss and Charlie stuffed his cock back in my tight round ass. They got right back at it like they had never stopped, if I didn't know better I'd say they had done this before. Trust me I'm not mad at them one little bit, these two guy's were fucking me real good. I started playing with my tits, rubbing and squeezing them tight as they kept fucking me hard and strong. Rudy pulled his thick cock out of my pussy and shot his load all over my twat, I grabbed his cock and stuck it in my mouth, I sucked as hard as I could trying to get every drop. Then I sucked and jerked Charlie's thick cock hard, fast, and strong, until he came all over my pretty young face. I wrapped my lips back around his freshly cummed cock, then I opened up wide before swallowing their cum like the good girl that I am. I started playing with my tit's as I was in a sexual bliss. Now that was a really good fuck! show more

Date: August 1st, 2005; Site: Hands on Hardcore; Network: DDF Netwok; Pictures in set: 135; Dimension: 1074x1616

Tags: anal sex, dv, ffm.

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